I was raised on the beach in San Diego , married and raised my boy and girl in Bakersfield, Calif...when that
phase of my life was complete, I lived for over 30 years in Hawaii,
Then a time on the wonderful North
Carolina beaches, and small Florida town...eventually
back to Bakersfield , living in a lovely home I bought
on the Internet .

I feel very fortunate to have spent my childhood during a time when we had total freedom, having
nothing to fear. We were taught to swim when we learned to walk...we had little boats, mud flats and a
great imaginations...collected paper dolls from the Sunday comics, dressed up and pretended we were
pirates or princesses...rode bicycles,
our roller skates had keys, and a bracket that fit on our shoe sole...
Those WERE the good, old days..

My life’s work has been drafting/graphic arts...I worked in the exploration offices for oil companies in
Bakersfield, California, when oil was KING, along with cotton and melons, when the air was clear and
breathing IN was not a health threat...later going to work for the Federal Government as a
draftsman/graphic artist/illustrator...I worked at N
aval Training Center, San Diego, where we made training
aids for the
40+ schools , then on to Hawaii where I worked at Hickam Air Force Base and the Navy 3rd
Headquarters on Ford Island. We created all the art masters used in vu-graphs, creating training and
 that were used in the training of fleet exercises, publications and other projects.  This was in
the days before computers
were available, with simple programs that did  awaywith  our hand cut film
masters, and photographs on a big camera, with the dark room for developing...we u
sed pen and ink to
draw the lines on charts/graphs and maps we developed... .

.it was a profession of skill
and attained by lots of experience, no fast track ...

After my working years were over, I bought an RV and traveled the U.S.  Starting in San Diego, going
across the country to Bangor, Maine, down the coast to Key West...cell phones and small TV’s were not
popular yet...I painted and sold my art along the way and visiting with friends that had been in the
military in Hawaii, but had retired or assigned elsewhere...had family in New England...other travels have
taken me to  SE Asia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea..

My efforts now are concentrated on making STOMA COVERS for people that have recovered from
esophagus/throat cancer and NOW, starting in February 2012, will be starting this web site showing
jewelry for people that need an EASY ON NECKLACE...
These neckpieces are stylish and could be worn by anyone,

I am always on the look out for new yarn, beads, and ready made
necklaces that I can modify

I’m sure that I offer a needed items, as I get such wonderful letters from my
customers that turn into cyber friends, but I know I get more satisfaction from making these items,
keeping the web page updated and corresponding that I could ever imagine...

I started making these stoma covers for my niece after she had
esophagus cancer surgery
and was left with the hole in her throat and surgery scars.

I have three web sites..(linked below)..

Bowsgallery.com...shows the stoma covers
              Waikikitutu.com   shows my art and trips around Oahu
.com....showing necklaces that slip on or have magnets, this site..

I hope to share the sights I see and places that were my life on  Waikiki Tutu website...Its a fun project
showing my paintings and copper enameled jewelry.

I appreciate everyday...the beauty that surrounds me, the friends that mean the most,
my family, even tho spread miles apart, we are able to communicate daily.


If I had a theme for my life, it would be
because ALL is temprary...the good and the bad

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